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Nympho Alchmist Lilfy I'm Not a Nympho (Jap)
11-01-2021, 19:34Hentai Games
When I tried to make the Philosopher's Stone, I ended up making the Whore's Stone!The cursed "whore's stone" won't come off, and if you don't get rid of it, you'll accumulate so much sexual energy that you'll go poof! The only way to save yourself is to collect the semen of 10,000 people or to recreate the Philosopher's Stone with legendary...
Cursed Armor II  2.2 (Eng/Chin)
11-01-2021, 19:00Hentai Games
Prequel - Cursed Armor. Continuation of the first part of Cursed Armor, where Princess Sofia saves her friend Lilina at the cost of her life. As a result, Lilina finds herself in Sophia's body, discovering that she now owns spiritual magic. Now she has to be a princess and protect the Empire from monsters, while looking for Cecilia....
Night Tail 1.00 (Eng/Jap)
11-01-2021, 18:55Hentai Games
The two protagonists are Night Tail and Pure White (according to my shitty translator anyway...). Night Tale can be considered the "main heroine" as you mostly control her. Night Tale is fighting a secret war against the Incubi, demons who seem to possess humans and trap them in dream realms that can grow to abduct others if left unchecked. Night...
Lilly Knight and the Three Cities of Lust  1.2
10-01-2021, 21:03Porn Games
Lilly Knight and the Three Cities of Lust follows the Erotic Exploits of a beautiful Peasant Girl named Lilly, who is chosen by the "Goddess of Lust" to free the world from evil, using her vast sexual talents and carnal experience. It is a third-person adventure game filled with gorgeous environments, humorous encounters and numerous interactive...
Last Evil  2.0.2 (Eng)
10-01-2021, 20:11Porn Games
This is the story of a succubus, last of her kind. She sets forth to rebuild an empire of evil, a civilization of sin. To wake the great demon once more and take revenge upon the humans who slaughter her race like fodder. Overcome the humans who stalk the catacombs thirsting for slaughter. Break those feral demons, made beastial by the loss of...
Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy  1.01 (Rus/Jap)
28-12-2020, 19:23Hentai Games
This game tells us the story of the novice alchemist Mira, who made a mistake during the alchemical process and because of this received a part of the body that was extremely undesirable for the girl. Her situation is aggravated by the fact that she lives in a city where only girls live, many of whom are even ready to resort to violence in order...
Yokoshima Salon (Jap)
28-12-2020, 19:20Hentai Games
A mini-RPG about a girl that gets into ecchi encounters....
Explorer of Iggdrasil 1.02 (Jap)
28-12-2020, 19:13Hentai Games
A girl with amnesia and a mage who has lost both arms meet, and join forces in order to reach the top of the Tower of God. The heroine Mei has a sexy body, and the temperament of a natural slut. Along with a sexually harassing mage, she navigates a tower filled with ero monsters, ero traps, and treasure......
WIfe-Hunting Labyrinth  Sheraride's Interspecies Life Sentence 1.03 (Jap)
28-12-2020, 15:11Hentai Games
Our adventurous heroine Sheeraride has been cursed with abstinence! And the only cure lies deep inside a vicious labyrinth. But the maze is populated by monsters who want nothing more than to get her pregnant. Success means a cure, but defeat means an eternity of interspecies violation! Can you help her escape the labyrinth unharmed?...