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My H-Life with an Otokonoko 1.0v (Jap/Eng)
3-11-2020, 10:37Hentai Games
This is a mini-game to be lovey-dovey with a cute otoko no ko (girlish boy). This game has no ending. Depending on his pleasure level, he gets an orgasm....
Our First From Anal Masturbation To Friend Sex 1.0 (Jap)
2-11-2020, 18:46Hentai Games
Kaede picks up a book on his way home from school, and it contains otoko no ko having anal sex. Wondering if so much pleasure can be had from the anus, he tries anal masturbation himself, but he gets caught in the process by his friend Iori.And from that, they end up trying out anal sex together! The relationship of 5 boys changes as they become...
Josou Gakuen - 女装学園妊
8-08-2020, 15:22Hentai Games
It was a sudden confession. Kento's classmate, Aoi, was like an unattainable flower that he could only look at from afar. Now, Aoi stood in front of him in the classroom at night. "I love you! Please be my boyfriend!" He could not imagine that it was finally his turn to start a relationship with a girl. He was convinced that he was not popular,...