Succubus Contract (Eng)
8-11-2020, 22:29Hentai Games
When you reach a new level in relationships with girls, you'll receive a reward. This reward can be a message with a photo that the girl will send you and share her thoughts with you, or maybe she will decide to do something more for you. Important: The contract with the succubus provides you only a app for the phone, which shows information about...
Summon of Asmodeus (Eng/Jap)
3-11-2020, 10:48Hentai Games
Strange things are happening in one of the villages. There were rumors that rituals were being performed there, donating people .. Two sisters from the local church went to the village to stop the rituals, but were missing. The main character, sister Elea, goes in search of the missing, and if lucky enough to stop the rituals ......