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Star Channel 34 10.05 10.05 (android)

15-01-2021, 18:11
Star Channel 34 10.05 10.05 (android)
Game Type: mobile(apk)
Release date: 22.06.2020
Censorship: missing
Edition: in developing
Language: Russian
Platform: android

Hello everyone! I'm Lola and you are watching Channel 34! The indefatigable Genie (in your face) again got into "trouble", this time he has to save not much, but the whole galaxy! Why, exactly to him? .. Well, and who else, because only he has the necessary skills, and this is not magic at all, but his incredible charisma, sociability, endless luck, and something else that has already helped him in so many incredible adventures ... Taking control of the new "star" channel in your mighty hands and using an endless supply of relevant material, you begin to lead your "star" crew to high ratings, money, and audience love! And what do the audience like here ... Well, you get the idea!
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