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Radiant v0.2 Eng + v0.1.1 Rus + Walkthrough (android)

9-12-2020, 19:21
Radiant  v0.2 Eng + v0.1.1 Rus + Walkthrough (android)
Game Type: mobile(apk)
Release date: 2020/11/06
Censorship: missing
Edition: in developing
Language: English/ Russian
Platform: android

You are a regular guy who spends an amazing night with the girl of your dreams, possibly the most attractive girl in town. However, after her angry father kicks you out of the house, events take on a tragic character ... You fall into a coma for decades and lose most of your memory, including the memories of that fateful night. After several years of rehabilitation, life eventually returns to normal, but obscene dreams about a girl of whom you have no memories haunt you until three exact copies of this "dream girl" appear on your doorstep, and they are yours daughter!
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