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Jealousy 0.3 (android)

23-11-2020, 23:02
Jealousy 0.3 (android)
Game Type: mobile(apk)
Release date: 2020/02/29
Censorship: missing
Edition: in developing
Language: English
Platform: android

Jealousy takes place 2 months after the Harem Ending of The Engagement. The MC starts his own business with Emily and Suzie. They are now the rival of Rhys Park and Woody George. Yue-Yue also lives with them. She’s a college freshman and is working at Corsica, the ice-cream parlor of Dianne. They don’t tell her the fact that Suzie’s in a complicated relationship with the MC and Emily. That makes her suspect that her big sister is being molested by the MC. She always tell her boyfriend that she hates the MC. Furthermore, Emily starts to feel grief. She thinks that was a mistake to accept that kind of relationship. Will you be able to build your Harem (including stealing girls from other guys), or will you end up losing everything? It all depends on your choices.
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