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My Pleasure v0.8 Elite + Halloween Special Elite + Walkthrough (android)

6-11-2020, 12:06
My Pleasure v0.8 Elite + Halloween Special Elite + Walkthrough (android)
Game Type: mobile(apk)
Release date: 2020/10/31
Censorship: missing
Edition: in developing
Language: English/ Russian
Platform: android

The protagonist of the game is a young man who, due to his own mistakes, is forced to spend some time outside the house after a quarrel with his father. Yesterday his life was full of fun and parties with friends, and now he has to live under someone else's roof and figure out how not to die of boredom until he returned home. And he will definitely come up with!
Reminder: In this game, the choices the player makes can have a significant impact on the development of the plot. Be careful and remember that you can always save your game to load your save later and try another choice.
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